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Completion Report on “First Semester of 21st BHN Human Development Program”  — With active and cheerful 6 participants —


We are pleased to report the successful completion of the First Semester of 21st BHN Human Development Program (the ‘Program’) held at Malaysia Multimedia University, Cyberjaya Campus (MMU) from November 12, 2018 through December 7, 2018.

At this semester, we had 6 participants from Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan and Vietnam and missed 3 from Bangladesh, Indonesia and Philippine by the different reasons of 3 respective countries. These 6 participants are 5 with the technical background as Group 1 and 1 with non-technical background as Group 2, along with 3 of female and 3 of male.

In the First Semester, we ask to MMU to prepare total 5 subjects of lecture in which 2 subjects are only for Group 1, 2 subjects are only for group 2 and rest of 1 subject is common for group 1 and 2.

As for the lectures for group 2, the lecturers (professors) kindly Accepted the extraordinary situation of only one participant and carried out 30 hours respective curriculums for one participant. Responding to the lecturers’ zeal,  the participant accomplished the 2 subjects very well same as other 5 participants.

In addition, we set 4 lectures of each 90 minutes and 2 study tours to NTT MSC in Cyberjaya and Konica Minolta Malaysia in Melaka.


It was quite happy for us when we were explained by the participants at the time of Training Report in the final day that they had learnt a lots of advanced  and useful things and ideas at MMU as if they became ‘leapfrog’s after completion of this semester.

As the big topic of this semester, the accommodation facility of the participants was refurbished and it gave more comfortable living condition to the participants.

As for the Second Semester of 21st Program, we expect to commence from June 26, 2019 for four weeks in Tokyo.


Please enjoy the attached pictures taken during the First Semester.



Reported on January 18, 2018 by Mr. Kazuhisa Konoma,

Project Manager and Executive Director of BHN association

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