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“ASAHARA library” has been inaugurated at the head office of BHN Association


A white book shelf and the funds for buying books for “ASAHARA library” have been donated by Mrs. Kuniko ASAHARA who is the wife of the late Mr. Iwato ASAHARA (1930-2009).


Mr. Asahara was one of the founding members and the first President & Chairman of BHN Association. BHN Association was founded by Mr. Asahara together with other founding members in 1992, and will celebrate its 20th anniversary this year thanks to the supports and passion of many BHN members and volunteers.


On the top of the shelf, we have put an emblem of an owl symbolizing Mr. Asahara who was a real book worm.


At the donation ceremony on July 19th, Mrs. Asahara handed the list of the donation to Mr. Uehara (President of BHN Association), and in turn for the donation, Mr. Uehara expressed BHN’s appreciation with a thank you letter.


 We will buy books using the donation and we intend to utilize the books for promoting  activities of BHN Association.

                                             BHN secretariat : Fumie Fukushima


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