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Workshop for the disaster radio broadcasting stations in Tohoku area


On December 11th, BHN, jointly with the other organizations, held a special workshop for the disaster radio broadcasting stations in Tohoku area that heavily suffered from the Tsunami of March 11th 2011.


The day of 11th of each month is marked as the Memorial Day to remember the victims of Tsunami and the meeting started with a moment of silence.


The venue of the workshop was chosen in the city of Minami-Souma, which suffered a serious effect from the atomic accident of Fukushima and 1/3 of the city is banned to live and many people are still evacuating from their homes.


In this workshop, more than 25 people joined, many of them are operators of the radio stations and lost their families and relatives by the Tsunami.



Almost all the staff members of these broadcasting stations are laymen in the job and they exchanged their experiences, good or bad, to improve their broadcasting programs.   Also, an engineer from BHN gave a lecture on the technical issues for maintenance & operation.


Quite a coincidence, a gigantic after-shock of the earthquake of last year happened (Mag. 7.4, bigger than the earthquake in Haiti, 2010) a few days before the workshop and caused a minor Tsunami and the attendants were extremely serious in their discussions.


Hirofumi AIZAWA, Counselor


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