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Installation of Solar Power Systems in Myanmar-Karen State


In Myanmar, it is said that there are as many as 135 ethnic minority groups and over 60 years after independence, many of these groups were in battle, demanding a wider autonomy against the central government.


In recent years many of them are agreeing ceasefire treaty with the central government and the refugees and IDPs (Internally Displaced People) are gradually returning to their old home lands.


   Dormitory house where techers and students live together

However, most of these lands were deserted and left without any infrastructure investments.   Since last summer BHN have been trying to build solar power systems in one of such villages; Shan Ywar Thit in Karen State.   To reach the site we have to cross 20 rivers without bridges and during the rainy season from June to October the village is not accessible by land.


Last November, BHN started the construction of solar power systems in the high school and the village community center.   In the middle of January, BHN completed the solar systems and installed room lamps, a TV receiver, a radio telephone set, etc. and received a letter of appreciation from the state government for this work.



This project was financially supported by Japan Platform (JPF), an umbrella NGO for NGOs, and BHN is planning to apply for further funds to expand the benefit of solar energy to other areas without electricity in the Karen State.


Hirofumi AIZAWA, Project Manager





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