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Final Report for “FM Broadcast Stations Supporting Disaster Victims


From August 5 to August 8, one of the BHN experts made a round trip to the FM broadcast stations in Tohoku district to install UPS (Un-interruptible Power Supply) systems.



The city of Minami-Souma, Fukushima Pref., was the 1st destination as it recently suffered damage to its radio facilities from a thunder surge and the radio broadcasting has been stopped.


In this city, about one third of the citizens are still evacuated from their homes to escape the atomic contamination and the radio broadcast is badly needed to get local information on disaster recovery and also to hear the news about their relatives and friends.

In the city of Natori, Miyagi Pref., a new studio was built recently and the UPS was installed in the city hall.

In the town of Ohtsuchi, Iwate Pref., the radio emission antenna is located on a mountain top and was accessible only by all-wheel drive car even under ordinary conditions, thus, the work had to be postponed to the next day due to the heavy rain fall and storm.

With the completion of the installation of these UPS systems, BHN completed all the planned construction works for FM Broadcast Stations in Tohoku district.

We wish to sincerely thank all who supported our project via GlobalGiving since the occurrence of the disaster in 2011.

Although our construction assistance to those broadcast stations is ending, they may still have many problems and encounter difficult situations that may need support from us.

We are firmly resolved to keep assisting them in the coming days.
Thanks again to all!



By Hirofumi Aizawa – Project Manager

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