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Myanmar Karen: Training of “Solar Power System Advisers”

In the three-year project, BHN has installed solar power generation systems and radio telephone sets (upon request) in Kayin (Karen) state, Myanmar, in three hospitals, eight high schools, one town hall and seven villages without doctors.
The government of Kayin state has also installed solar power systems into many households in remote areas. However, the government staffs responsible for these areas do not have enough knowledge about solar power electricity and its generation system so as to be able to give proper advice to villagers.
To solve this situation, upon request from the state government, BHN conducted trainings for the government staffs both in class and in field. After the training and following examinations, BHN awarded “Solar Power System Adviser” title to 19 qualified government staffs.
In the graduation ceremony in January, more than 100 government directors and staffs participated to celebrate the award recipients. These staffs are now going around the remote areas wearing the blue shirts with “Solar System Adviser” printed on the back.


By Hirofumi Aizawa – Project Manager
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