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Completion of Second Semester of the 18th BHN Human Development Program

The second semester of the 18th BHN Human Development Program was held in Tokyo from June 1 to 24, 2016. Each of the following nine Asian countries sent one participant; Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan and Viet Nam. The group comprised of five engineers and four non-engineers, with seven males and two females. They were promising persons engaging in ICT related ministries or telecommunication service firms.

Programs focused on topics of high interest in Asia

This course intensively aims at fostering leaders in the ICT field in Asian countries with balanced thinking ability and global sense (cosmopolitan way of thinking).
In the first half of the training as the HIDA’s* orientation program, the participants learned Japanese culture and the basic knowledge necessary for staying in Japan. In the second half, they completed BHN Training Course focusing on ICT-related topics considered to be highly interesting to Asian countries.

*HIDA: The Overseas Human Resource and Industry Development Association

In the lectures and study visits, we adopted topics covering a wide range of fields and special topics related to “disaster risk reduction, medical care and agriculture by utilizing ICT” and “future perspective of society based on the rapid development of ICT from the aspect of technology and business.” The participants highly evaluated the lectures which we believe to have satisfied their interests.
Through the study visits, the participants visited and had hands-on training at research institutes, manufacturing sites of Japanese companies and agricultural laboratory of Japanese unisersity which are fully equipped with cutting edge technologies.
In the weekend homestay, the trainees received dedicated reception with warm hospitality from host families and it made these two days the most heartfelt and memorable moment during their stay in Japan.


Commencement Ceremony

In addition to the lecturers, host families, cooperating company employees and guests representing the embassies including the Cambodian Ambassador attended the Commencement Ceremony who delivered congratulatory addresses. And also, the guests kindly watched the presentation of completion certificates handed to the participants.


Project Manager, Kazuhisa Konoma
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