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Myanmar Karen: Progress with the solar electric system project

Training of Trainers

State government staffs have had training course on Solar Electric System (SESs) since last October. By the middle of May this year, twelve state government staffs finished the course.

Certified as “Trainer” or coach by Kayin (Karen) state government and BHN, they are expected to train Solar Advisors, other government staffs, who will be in charge of maintaining the solar system. The Solar Advisors, coached by the trainers, would play a decisive role in maintaining and operating the solar systems, that are provided by BHN and the state government, in good condition.

Electrification in the KNU villages

The first stage of installing 1,570 SESs into the homes of villagers in the KNU areas has been completed. Following the installment, BHN had conducted monitoring work to evaluate the achievements of the project by listening to the voices of the villargers. Though the work was delayed due to the rainy season which gave us difficulty in reaching some villages under heavy rains.

As had been referred to in our last project report, most of the areas under KNU are still left without electricity. Enduring patiently during the civil war, villagers in the area are keenly longing for safety and electricity. BHN is now deliberating on another project, installing as many as 6,000 SESs to homes in the area in need of electricity, along with furnishing computer systems to a local high school in the region.

By Hirofumi Aizawa, Project Manager
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