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Myanmar Karen: Installation of Computer Systems for High School

In the middle of last May, as one part of the electrification project of the Kwee Lay High School located deep in the Karen National Union’s (KNU) area, BHN completed the installation of computer systems with 12 PCs powered by the solar systems which was also provided by BHN.


Education Department of KNU was keenly wishing the elder level students to obtain computer literacy before starting their working career after finishing the high school. It took more than 1 year after the inception of the idea of computer curriculum at the high school and the school hosted a big Opening Event to enjoy the start of the new systems.


Although the new school term is not started yet, the computer education course started as soon as the long -awaited system is completed. 4 school lessons are given during the day time for students and, at night time, training course to teachers are also given for them to be able to prepare teaching materials.
The purchasing & installation works for the computer systems were all done by engineers of BHN as PCs are often stuck without machine trouble and need to call help (but not the matters of guarantee by suppliers) and BHN plans to visit the high school from time to time to consult with school teachers for the better operation of the system.

Hirofumi Aizawa – Project Manager
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