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The Next Project (3rd Phase) is Planned in the EAO (Ethnic Armed Organizations) Areas in Myanmar


Although our monitoring activities suffered severely by the floods during the rainy season, we could finally complete all the installation works and following monitoring activities for the 6,138 solar systems in the houses of Kayin(Karen) & Mon States in the EAO areas.


Other than the above works, we also built computer training system with 12 PCs in the high-school belonging to KNU(Karen National Union).  This computer system is used to teach students to help their future careers as well as by teachers for the improvement of the lessons.



In the 2nd Phase BHN also employed 12 younger villagers and trained them how to build & repair solar systems.  These young staffs are named as “System Supporters” and expected to work in their villages to repair systems and educate villagers how to properly use the solar systems.


Since long , we have been negotiating how to provide the same solar systems into other EAO areas and lately we came to an agreement that KNLA and DKBA to be included in the project. Hence, in the next project (3rd Phase), BHN plans to install 5,200 solar systems into the houses in KNU, KNLA and DKBA areas . After the tender and production procedures we are planning to start the installation works in Feb. or Mar. next year.


Although the request from the EAOs were exceeding well over 9,000 systems, we concluded in our negotiation with them to limit the number to 5,200 systems thinking of the difficulties of works during the rainy season.
In 7 months starting this Dec. we plan to finish all the installation works before the next rainy season starts. We understand the fact that KNLA and DKBA areas were newly included is reflecting their strong wish for peace and thus improve their living environment.

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