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The 3rd Phase of Solar Installation Project Started:


In the middle of last January, EAOs(Ethnic Armed Organizations), Karen State Government and BHN jointly chose, after bidding procedure, 3 contractors to undertake the installation works of 5,200 solar systems in the EAO controlled areas.


Quickly after the choosing of contractors, BHN staffs started the visits to villages to explain about our project plan.

After this explanation visits are finished, BHN will invite the leaders and workers of contractors to educate & confirm the “Standard Installation Work Procedures” to prepare for the start of the installation work.


“Key for Success” for the solar power project is the “Education to the users”.   So far, almost all the donors of solar power systems just “handover” the equipment.  However, for most of the villagers, electric system is their 1st experience and, when it comes to the solar systems, they completely lack basic knowledges.    


・Solar panels should be directed to the South and 17degrees angle(in the case of Karen State), but most of the existing systems are not built in this way.

・For batteries , to prevent heavy use is quite important not to cause early break-down.  For this purpose, to install “Controller” is indispensable , however, in many cases, they exclude controllers to save cost.


Since last year BHN employed 12 younger villagers and gave them basic education on solar systems, then, sent them to join in the installation work of the solar systems in their own EAO villages.  After the installation work is finished, they are assigned as “System Supporters” in the villages and, whenever trouble happens, they can repair solar systems in “proper method”. (In many cases improper hand -works are worsening system troubles.)


Hirofumi Aizawa – Project Manager


Explanation meeting

Signing with contractors

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