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Bangladesh Hatiya: Creating a Disaster Prevention Educational Video for Young Children

※ For information about “Community Capacity Development for Disaster Risk Reduction by Community Radio” (Hatiya Island, Bangladesh) funded by JICA (Japan International Cooperation Organization), please click here.

●  Collaborating with Wakayama University to Create Disaster Prevention Video


Increasing young children’s (age range of approximately three to seven years old) disaster preparedness through education is essential to increasing the community’s ability to effectively respond to disasters.


Therefore, in this project we are creating a four to five minute educational video for disaster prevention. We are collaborating on this subject with Professor Imanishi, of Wakayama University’s Disaster Prevention Research Center, an organization with numerous domestic accomplishments.


We took a video made for people living in Japan, “Typhoon Rock and Roll,” and in order to adapt it to the culture and language of Bangladesh, we changed the illustrations and the lyrics.


Now that the animation for the video has been completed, we asked Professor Imanishi to come to the studio of radio Sagor Dwip in Hatiya Island, Bangladesh, in order to write the lyrics. We also went to a local elementary school to ensure that the area’s children enjoyed listening to the video’s song.



We held an audition, and from the contestants we chose three people from the area to sing the song.


Watch the YouTube video of the recording here


Unfortunately, due to the insufficient quality of the audio equipment provided and the fact that the recording we had done beforehand was incomplete, the children from the school were unable to listen to all the lyrics. However, they did enjoy the illustrations and the melody.


With this in mind, we are coordinating with staff from the area to make the video more enjoyable for the children.


CR Project in Hatiya Island, Bangladesh

Tadayoshi Kotoge (Project Manager)


English translation by Mariah Gomes


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