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Completion of First Part of Training for BHN’s Seventeenth Human Resource Development Program

● Participants So Cheerful They Danced

The first part of BHN’s seventeenth human resource development program, which was held at Malaysia’s Multimedia University (MMU), began on November 17th of last year. At the end of that year, on December 19th, this was successfully brought to completion.

Eight people from eight different Asian countries participated in the training. Participants came from Bangladesh (male, with a technical background (tech)), Cambodia (male, with a business background (business)), Indonesia (female, tech), Laos (female, business), Myanmar (male, tech), Sri Lanka (male, business), Uzbekistan (male, tech), and Vietnam (male, tech). Thus, the participants consisted of six males, and two females; four with technical backgrounds, and four with business backgrounds.


● Lectures from MMU’s Professors


From November 19th until December 17th, MMU’s professors gave lectures in technology and business as part of the training. Two topics dealt with technology, two with business, and one topic dealt with both. Thus, seven professors split these topics up and held lectures on them.


As for how the lectures went, we posted a report by the BHN members in our previous e-mail newsletter and on one of our webpages (both in Japanese) that said the lectures were based on the professors’ talks and were held in a seminar format with lively question and answer sessions. It is to be noted that this was the first time that the staff here at BHN attended the lectures by the MMU professors.



The participants commented that much of the material in the lectures was very interesting to them, and in the closing session on the last day, when they made their training report, they said that as soon as they returned to their respective countries, they would like to either put what they had learned into practice, or use it as a reference in their work.
The participants learned how to use Prezi in the training, a software similar to PowerPoint that utilizes animations and videos for presentations. They promptly used this to make presentation material for the report on the training results, thereby showing how eager they were to proactively use what they had learned to tackle a challenge.


● The Last Two Days: Completion and Commencement Ceremony


On the morning of December 18th, the participants had a chance to visit NTT MSC, a subsidiary of NTT Japan near MMU, where Mr. Deguchi, CEO, introduced his business to them. They then went to observe the NTT MSC’s data centers and other facilities. It was a rare opportunity to gain practical business knowledge and to see actual facilities, which they would not have been able to attain in the classroom. The participants highly appreciated this valuable experience.


On December 19th, the commencement ceremony was held in succession to the meeting to report the training results. The participants were bursting with joy, feeling both a sense of accomplishment and relief from finishing the five-week-long training, as they received their certifications of completion.



Afterward, at the gratitude dinner, the professors from Japan and MMU, the staff at MMU Cnergy (the organization that provided the training service and supported the day-to-day living of the participants during the training), the members from BHN, and the participants all chatted in a relaxed atmosphere. Toward the end, the participants from Uzbekistan and Indonesia even did a dance, and everyone had a great time. The dinner ended with everyone reluctantly saying goodbye, and expressing that they hoped to meet again in Japan.



The participants finally returned home safely, and now report that they are very busy with their work.


We sincerely thank the professors for giving their lectures, as well as the faculty from MMU and MMU Cnergy, and all the other staff who made time despite their busy lives to kindly support the first part of the training.


BHN Human Resource Development Program Leader: Kazuhisa Konoma (Director)
Translated by Mariah Gomes


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