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Completion of the first semester of the 15th BHN Human Resource Development Program


The first semester of the 15th BHN Human Resource Development Program took place from November 15 to December 21, 2012 at the Multimedia University in Malaysia (MMU) as was the case in previous programs.


There were eight trainees each from Indonesia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Bangladesh, the Philippines and Laos. Five of them were technical people and the rest were administrative.


The first semester lasted five weeks in which MMU professors mainly provided lectures covering a wide area of subjects ranging from technical to legal matters, based on the curriculum prepared by MMU. There were also lectures by Japanese experts on the first two days and the last three days of the semester. Outside the MMU, trainees had a chance to visit a Japanese ICT company doing business in Malaysia.



During the closing ceremony of the first semester, the trainees expressed their satisfaction over the program whose lectures and observation trips were found to be very fruitful to them. After having received certificates from BHN Association and the MMU for their achievements over the preceding five weeks, the trainees left for home and workplace which they missed for weeks.


The second semester is planned for June 2013 and will be held in Tokyo, Japan. We will make the best preparations we can so that the program in Japan is as fruitful as was the one in Malaysia. Their arrival in Japan is anticipated.


 Kazuhisa Konoma, Director


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