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Bangladesh Project No.4: Message from Ms. Fukuda, the designer of Radio Shagor Dwip’s logo

Ms. Yui Fukuda who works for Nara College of Arts designed the logo for Radio Shagor Dwip, a community radio station in Hatiya Island.


The logo & slogan contest was held in Hatiya Island last November. Based on the pictures drawn by 10-15 year old students, the logo was arranged and finalized by Ms. Fukuda. A message from her follows:


“First of all, I appreciate Mr. Kotoge, Project Manager of this project, for giving me such a great opportunity. It is my great pleasure to have designed this logo based on pieces of art drawn by children in Hatiya Island.


I found the children’s passion to their Home Island and excitement to the new community radio in each drawing. Though it was quite tough for me to incorporate wonderful ideas of all students into one logo, I really enjoyed this work.


Hatiya Island in Bay of Bengal with the rising sun is designed in the logo, which delineates hope of people in Hatiya. I’m very pleased to hear that everyone is very excited and delighted with this logo.


I hope that Radio Shagor Dwip will save as many people’s lives as possible by broadcasting necessary information to them especially in the event of a disaster, and I wish it would become a beloved community radio station providing a lot of fun to the people.


Thank you very much again. “

Yui Fukuda

Nara College of Arts

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