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Myanmar Delta Area: Community Loud Speaker System Management Workshop and Disaster Training Course held in Bogale and Pyapon

In the first phase project started last September, community loud speaker system installation began in March this year and was completed before water festival in April.
After each installation, we have been providing villagers knowledge and skills by holding workshops on system operation and management in order to enable the system to be used properly and sustainably. This time, 57 people from 22 villages in Bogale and 62 people from 22 villages in Pyapon participated. Not only teaching techniques and knowhow, but we also encouraged participants to exchange their thoughts. Furthermore, in addition to emphasizing the significance of the system, we explained how to use the system in ordinary and emergency situations, together with its maintenance and management. We also introduced practical examples of disaster warning wireless systems in Japan.
Besides, we cooperated with SEEDS Asia (a Japanese NGO) on disaster training. Parking a disaster training vehicle at the site, they explained about mechanisms of natural disaster such as cyclone, storm surge and flood and evacuation procedure using miniature models. All participants answered “Yes” in a questionnaire that asked them if the training was meaningful and useful on their daily life.

As a new content of the project, we prepared hazard maps and put on bulletin boards in 12 villages. In the hazard maps, evacuation routes are shown and highest water level of the last cyclone is marked on its pillar. In a briefing session after installation, villagers were pleased finding their homes on a map.
From now on, we will monitor the community loud speaker system every other year to assure that they are properly taken care of. Also, we keep telling about hazard maps to develop better understanding.


Project officer Eiichi Watanabe
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