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Myanmar Karen: Donating Pre-paid Telephone Cards

Myanmar is blessed with natural energy resources like gas, oil and water, yet only 30% of its population has access to electricity. Especially, in the areas of battle fields of armed clash that lasted over 60 years, there is definitely lack of all kinds of infrastructure, including roads, electricity, telecommunication networks and so on.
BHN has been installing solar power generation systems in public facilities of Karen (Kayin) state. In addition, provided that the radio wave can be received in the area, we have installed solar-powered radio telephone sets upon request.
In the visiting area of Shan Ywar Thit Hospital, there are seven small villages where there is no doctor nor access to the national grid services. In order to enable the local people to contact the hospital, we set up a special type of radio telephone systems made for remote countryside, but the radio wave was too feeble to establish stable connections. As a solution, we built large antennas on tall poles. Now villagers can consult doctors in the distant hospital whenever they need help.

However, the difficulty is that many of the villagers don’t have money to pay for the phone so many times. It’s because they still don’t have a way to get cash or even if they have, it’s very limited.
Under such situation, XMobile Co., a Japanese mobile virtual service provider, offered us to donate to help those people in need of access to telephone services.
With the funds donated from XMobile Co., BHN purchased pre-paid telephone cards and distributed to each of the villages and schools where BHN installed radio telephone systems.


By Hirofumi Aizawa, Project Manager
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