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Myanmar Karen: Research Visits in the KNU areas

Soon after the independence of Burma in 1948, the people of “Karen” was one of the first ethnical groups that revolted against the central Burmese government to achieve independence (then after, broader autonomy) in their areas. More than 60 years of appalling civil battle continued, but at last, KNU (Karen National Union) signed the ceasefire agreement with the Myanmar government along with the other 7 ethnical armed groups (EAGs) by the end of last year.
To contribute to the progress toward permanent peace by making people in the KNU areas to realize the value of peace, BHN started a project to install solar electric systems into 1,370 households in the areas of the state of Kayin (Karen).
The EAG areas definitely lack all kinds of infrastructures including paved roads. Since Myanmar is now in the middle of rainy season, the access to the villages is possible only by boat and on foot. BHN engineers are conducting research visits to remote villages, walking in mud from time to time and staying in villagers’ houses every night.
Actual installation works are expected to start from the end of October (depending on the weather circumstances). Now the procurement of materials and the preparation of standard work arrangements are under way.

By Hirofumi Aizawa – Project Manager
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