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Myanmer Karen: Solar Power Systems for a Hospital & High Schools completed

As our third year project, we have completed installing solar power systems in Hpa Pun District Hospital and two high schools in Kawkareik: Naung Ta Pwe and An Kaun by the end of July. Following the installation of the systems, maintenance training and user monitoring survey were conducted.

Hpa Pun District Hospital is a large hospital in this area as it owns 100 beds. They have a small gasoline generator, however, not only its running cost is expensive, but also it cannot supply enough power for all its facilities. For these reasons, chances to apply this generator had been limited to medical investigations and practices. But the solar generator enabled staffs and inpatients to use electricity in daily activities without worrying about fuel. Now, they can safely walk the corridors even at midnight.


In An Kaun high school, our solar system was much-anticipated to carry classes during early morning and at night. Yet, there was no room for batteries inside the building, and moreover, the school has occasionally suffered from floods in the rainy season, and they had to cancel classes in such cases. This situation was solved by some family members of the students, who voluntarily built a high-floored hut to place the battery system. We are grateful for their cooperation.


The last rainy season which caused enormous damage throughout Myanmar is finally over and installation of solar systems that had been postponed in other locations has resumed in November.

By Hirofumi Aizawa, Project Manager

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