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New Installation of Solar Power Systems continue

As the rainy season is starting in Myanmar we are accelerating our solar power installation works.
The construction of roads and bridges are going on at surprising speed in the Karen State, yet, there still are many rivers without bridges and, when the river is wide and deep, we have to use boat to carry equipment & materials.

After the completion of the solar systems, their ownerships are transferred to the owner of the premises(school or hospital).
As the maintenance work is quite important for the longer life of the systems, as well as to save the cost for maintenance, we are conducting maintenance training, choosing people to take responsibility for the maintenance works.

Currently we are working to install solar power systems to the District Hospital with 100 beds in the township of Hpa Pun, which is expected to be finished by the middle of July.

By Hirofumi Aizawa, Project Manager


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