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Support people improve their PC skills to enrich life

Open computer classes and library in the area of the city of Ishinomaki


After more than one year since the Great East Japan Disaster, priorities in the affected areas as well as the needs of the victims are changing. Major challenges at the moment are considered to be, 1.) employment of people who have lost jobs as a consequence of the disaster, 2.) fostering of new communities in the temporary housings and 3.) healthcare of the elderly people.


In order to contribute to solving these problems by using PCs and the Internet, BHN Association has started computer classes open to everybody in the disaster-stricken areas. BHN also started to run a “PC library” from where people wishing to study at home can borrow a PC.


Since the start of the first classroom in an area in the city of Ishinomaki where many disaster victims live, the number of classrooms grew to seven including those in the city of Onagawa, the city of Tome (where refugees from the city of Minami-sanriku live) and the temporary housing in the city of Higashi-matsushima. Students who were timidly hitting keys at first are now enjoying “karaoke” or drawing pictures on a PC. Among the students, there are also people who wish to improve their PC skills so as to be able to get a better job.


BHN is happy to have such feedbacks from the students as, “I look forward to learning more because I hope I will be able to do things I could not do up to now” or, “I cannot wait another week until the next class.”


BHN will continue improving the management of the classes by carefully listening to the needs of the students so that the graduates can make use of their skills in such activities as publishing local community magazines, pursuing their hobbies, and obtaining jobs for teleworking using PCs.



Currently, classes are located in the city of Ishinomaki in Miyagi prefecture which suffered the most damage. If there are other places where a sufficient number of students can come, it may also be possible to open classes in such places. Students’ computer skills and their motive to start studying do not matter. Please don’t hesitate to contact BHN for any help.


Takako YAMAZAKI, Program Officer


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