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Basic Numans Needs

BHN stands for Basic Human Needs, which is generally known as the absolute minimum resources essential to people’s long-term physical and mental well-being. We believe that information such as data, news, knowledge and communication, is also one of the Basic Human Needs (BHN). As a non-governmental organization specializing in Information and Communication Technology (ICT), we named our organization ‘BHN Association’.

In recent years, the rapid advancement of ICT and its infrastructure made possible by the technologies is improving quality, volume and speed of information at the social and individual levels, and is providing us with more convenient and comfortable living condition.

On the other hand, the rapid progress of global ICT is bringing ‘Digital Divide’ to people at various levels: individuals, households, geographic areas, states and so on. Digital Divide means any inequalities in terms of access to, use of, or knowledge of ICT. In fact, rich people can get easier access to the latest information than the poor, which means the poor have less opportunity to expand their possibility in developing their standard of living and abilities than the rich people. In addition, there is also a gap among people in accessing emergency information in case of natural disasters such as earthquake, flood and cyclone. Therefore, the level of ICT utilization is closely related to economic and social situation of people and it seems that the gap between the rich and the poor is widening these days.

To bridge and mitigate such huge gaps in ICT utilization among people, BHN Association is working by mobilizing our technical and human resources in cooperation with local people, communities, non-governmental and governmental organizations especially in the developing countries.

Vision and Mission 

Our vision is of a world where everyone can easily access information anytime, anywhere and enjoy the lasting benefits.

We plan to implement the vision by offering and providing our unique ICT knowhow to people and communities, especially in developing countries, that currently lack adequate means of access to the information that could improve and/or enhance their lives.