Three Main Activities

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Development/Grass-roots Support 

In addition to Basic Human Needs such as clothing, foods and housing that may first come to one's mind, information, medical care and education are also necessary for our safer and more comfortable living environment.

However, there are a number of underprivileged people whose Basic Human Needs are not sufficiently met. We support such people, communities and public organizations to improve their standard of living and get more opportunities to develop their capacities by Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

How we work

  • Establishment of medical radio networks connecting urban major hospitals with remote rural telephone-less health centers.
  • Establishment of telemedicine networks.
  • Construction of radio networks.
  • Installation of Private Branch eXchange (PBX) at rural medical facilities & educational institutions.
  • Support to establish community radio stations.
  • Construction of disaster warning systems.
  • Installation of solar power systems.
  • Training of usage and maintenance for providing networks and systems.

Emergency Relief 

Natural disasters such as earthquake, flood, cyclone and tsunami as well as man-made disasters such as war threat our peaceful life and claim people's lives. In such an emergency situation, information is necessary for not only afflicted people but also rescue and relief teams.

We provide ICT supports to them in devastated areas for early recovery so that they can get lifeline information and communication with their families and friends.

How we work

  • Provision of free satellite phone service to people afflicted by disaster.
  • Emergency radio communication systems for rescue and relief teams.
  • Support to establish community radio stations to provide lifeline information for disaster victims.
  • Establishment of emergency warning systems / loud speakers with training of usage.
  • Establishment of temporary Internet infrastructure systems by wireless mesh networks.
  • Donation of equipment such as radio receivers, laptops and transceivers.

Human Resources Development 

Human Resources Development Program is an executive seminar provided by BHN Association for future ICT leaders from developing countries. The participants not only learn ICT in Japan, which is the most advanced in the world, but also brush up skills in management and leadership.

On top of that they get an opportunity to build up friendship and trust with other participants. Since 1998, we have hosted the program twice a year: the first session in Malaysia in cooperation with the Multimedia University of Malaysia; the second in Japan. More than 140 trainees from about 13 countries in total have attended the program as of 2015.