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Emergency Relief


Aiding Survivors of Earthquake in Central Nepal

Providing support to restore FM radio stations damaged by earthquake in April 2015: repairing buildings and broadcasting towers and providing equipment.

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Kumamoto Earthquake 
Aiding Survivors of Kumamoto Earthquake

BHN Association is setting up PCs, printers and internet connections at shelters and temporary houses in Kumamoto city and its surrounding areas. We also support equipment management and information sharing at project sites in cooperation with local professionals.

熊本地震被災者支援事業のイメージ 熊本地震被災者支援事業のイメージ

Great East Japan Earthquake 
Assistance to Residents of Iitate Village in Fukushima Prefecture Forced to Evacuate due to Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station Disaster

In the initial phase of assistance, BHN provided internet access, video phones, teleconferencing systems and health care equipment to temporary evacuation facilities. Responding to the needs of further health care because of prolonged evacuation without medical services, we started medical consultation, exercise training sessions and Thai massage with cooperation of professionals. We keep assisting the residents on the use of ICT, and in addition, we hold get-together tea parties on a regular basis.

Miyagi Prefecture Photo Miyagi Prefecture Photo

ICT Training and Capacity Building in Miyagi Prefecture

Assisting the residents in Miyagi prefecture, especially in the city of Ishinomaki which was one of the most devastated areas, by providing PCs to temporary community centers and promoting “Telework methods” for small and medium-sized enterprises. BHN has been collaborating with Ishinomaki Senshu University since the beginning of the project to run PC training courses for local job seekers.

宮城地域ICT支援事業のイメージ 宮城地域ICT支援事業のイメージ