The 4th Phase of Solar Power Systems Installation Work is Going On

2020.2.19 Wed 16:19


Soon after the selection of contractors to install solar systems engineers of BHN visited factories in China at the end of Dec. to inspect & improve the production procedures. As many cases of defects were found with the batteries in Phase 3 we selected another reliable producer of batteries for Phase 4.

Monitoring & Instructions how to use.

While waiting for the production & delivery of equipment all our staffs visited the villages where we installed in Phase 3 and made follow-up monitoring activities to hear opinions from the villagers.

Monitoring & Instructions how to use(2)

Some of the responses from the villagers;
・Became unnecessary to buy candles and kerosene any more and could improve the living cost.
・Became easier to hold village meetings at night time.
・Became easier to take care of patients in bed at night time.
・Safer against dangerous animals & snakes at night. Etc.

Monitoring Activity

Along with the monitoring activities we conducted the training of the newly employed System Supporters who were recommended from the villages of work and they will join in the installation work with the contractors.

System Supporter Training

Also, by this monitoring activities we found many of the villagers were still omitted from the installation list due to the new flow of returnees ,we decided to increase the total installation number of Phase 4 by another 1,279 making the total number to 8,042 households.

System Supporter Training(2)

As recently as the early Feb. the outbreak of Coronavirus in China is preventing the production for the 2nd shipment of equipment to Myanmar. This is the biggest concern with us as the installation work must be finished by the middle of May before the rainy season starts and prevent our works.


Hirofumi Aizawa  Project Manager