Progress after the Coup:

2021.6.14 Mon 12:41


As mentioned in our last report, the Coup of Feb.01 caused suspension of the progress of our project, although the project is conducted as purely Humanitarian Aid to the people in the EAO (Ethnic Armed Organization) villages.


Long cue to draw down cash


In April, after about 2 months later, we received call from the EAO in Mon State (New Mon State Party=NMSP) saying;


(1) The visit to the targeted villages by BHN staffs are safe now.

(2) Hence, they wish the installation of solar electric systems to their villagers as early as possible.


Afterwards, hurriedly, we held the Selection Meeting (selection of successful bidders) in Mon State and awarded to 2 companies to install 2,038 sets of solar systems in total.


Soon after this selection of companies, staffs of BHN, together with the members of installation contractors made Explanation Visits to villages in NMSP area..  The visits to villages were conducted quite safely, passing the Check-points of both the Junta & EAO without any trouble.


Muddy road to villages


Explanation visit (1)


Explanation visit (2)


In parallel to the movement in Mon State, we also received a call from KNU(Karen National Union) Headquarters asking us to re-start the preparation of the Computer Training Systems into schools in their village.


As BHN has already promised to install such computer systems into 9 higher grade schools in KNU villages, we soon conducted hearings with another Brigades and got affirmative responses except from one which is adjacent with a Brigade waging frequent battles with the Junta forces.


Hence, we are going to sign contracts with the other facility companies to build solar electric systems to operate computers.


To be computer training room


As COVID-19 is still rampant and skirmishes happen in many places in Myanmar, we also conducted Safety Operation drills with our employees to keep their safety in Kayin & Mon States.


Hirofumi Aizawa  Project Manager