Progress after Coup. (2)

2021.10.14 Thu 12:03



The Coup d’e-tat of Feb. 01 in Myanmar is still casting shadow on the progress of our project.


On Sep. 7, NUG (National Unity Government, a coalition government consisting of all parties against military governance) declared the launch of a defensive war against the military junta which triggered many armed uprises nationwide; attacks on the military facilities, bombing on telecommunication towers owned by military cliques, skirmishes, etc.


Along with such turmoil COVID-19 was still rampant everywhere in Myanmar, hence, the junta declared “Stay Home Holidays” for extended weeks till the end of Sep.   Thus, the progress of our project was forced to postpone for more months.


With the start of Oct., however, the “Stay Home” order was lifted and the safety of many of the targeted villages were confirmed by both EAOs and the State Governments., we are gradually starting our installation works paying highest attention to the safety of our employees and the installation workers.


Considering such delays and the possible unpredictable issues to hamper the progress of works, we are planning to postpone the termination of our project by 6 months till the end of next May.


As well, we may have to consider the reduction of total project targets as some of the EAO villages are still not accessible for works.
Further, we will still have many obstacles before us to overcome like steep inflation, or, deep devaluation of Myanmar currency, etc.


Moving to villages

Computer Class

Installed solar panel

Working in the office


Hirofumi Aizawa  Project Manager