2. Becoming a BHN supporter

BHN Association (BHN hereinafter) asks your support so it can continue its assistance in a more substantial manner. We use the membership fees and donations we receive to fund our work. Anyone who agrees with our work can become a member. Information about our work is updated on our website as needed. Member types (annual membership fees)
Membership type Annual membership fee
Full member Individual ¥6,000 each
Corporation ¥100,000 each
Supporting member Individual ¥6,000 or more
Corporation ¥50,000 or more

How to join

Pay by credit card

1. After entering the monetary amounts and numbers of full and supporting memberships, click the button to go on to the application form.
2. After entering the required information on the application form, please pay by credit card. *If you apply paying by credit card, your card will be charged automatically beginning the following year.
  • Full member application
    Individual 6,000 yen × unit
    Corporation 100,000 yen × unit
  • Supporting member application



    (Choose an amount of at least ¥6,000.)



    (Choose an amount of at least ¥50,000.)