Three Core Pillars


1.Social Development

There are many underprivileged people whose basic human needs are not being sufficiently met. BHN supports such people and communities to improve their standard of living and to develop their capabilities through ICT.

Projects Implemented by BHN

– Establishment and management of a community radio station for disaster risk reduction and betterment of rural communities

– Electrification of rural housing with solar power generation

– Training for usage and maintenance of ICT systems following implementation

– Telemedicine network over the internet for mother and child both pre and post-childbirth (perinatal period care)

– Telemetering system to monitor river water level for disaster prevention

– Distance learning system for an isolated school utilizing multimedia technology


2.Emergency Relief

Natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, cyclones, and tsunamis disrupt communities and threaten people’s lives.
As emergency relief, BHN provides those affected in devastated areas with ICT support to get lifeline information and access to communication networks for quick recovery after disease.

There are currently no emergency humanitarian relief activities being undertaken by BHN.


The projects BHN has conducted

– Community addressing system to furnish indispensable information promptly

– Restoration of community radio station and provision of broadcasting equipment

– ICT support – PC, printer, and internet access – for local governments and residents

– Safety confirmation system using local phone networks

– Wireless and satellite communication systems as an emergency measure


3.Human Resource Development

Human Resource Development is a core activity field of BHN. We are giving ICT engineers and governmental officers of ICT department in developing countries opportunities to learn the forefront technologies and its application.
BHN Human Development Program
BHN has been organizing ‘BHN Human Resource Development Program’ since 1998. The two-month seminars are intended to bring up future leaders in ICT and related areas. Participants not only learn about state – of – the – art ICT but also brush up their skills in management and leadership.
Asia-Pacific Telecommunity (APT) Training Course

BHN has been charged with human resource development programs entrusted by Asia – Pacific Telecommunity (APT) – ICT authorities in the Asia Pacific region – .
BHN has been annually holding this APT training course since 2011.
150 people from 28 countries and regions participated in the program since it started.
BHN Dr. Kuwabara Donation-Supported Course
BHN Association, in collaboration with the University of Electro – Communications (UEC), Tokyo, established a graduate course for students from overseas in 2019.
his graduate course – ‘BHN Kuwabara Donation Supported Course’ – is funded with an endowment from Dr. M. Kuwabara, advisor to BHN and ex-vice president of NTT, and going to be held annually at UEC for five years, from 2019 to 2026.
BHN Dr. Kuwabara’s Fund Scholarship Program
The Kuwabara Scholarship was established in March 2020 and funded by a considerable donation from Dr. Moriji Kuwabara, former Chairman of BHN Association.
Based on the vision of Dr. Kuwabara, the Kuwabara Scholarship has been offering the opportunity to former participants of the BHN Human Development Program to enroll on a one-year master’s degree at a top Japanese University (National Graduate Institute for Policy Study and Hitotsubashi University Business School) to increase their skills and knowledge.
The Kuwabara Scholarship basically accepts two scholarship students every year.
Business Collaboration with ICT Companies
Since the resolution of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at UN Assembly in 2015, every business sector started pursuing socially worthy business more than before.
Collaborating with leading ICT companies, BHN is offering the program to shift the conception of the business persons towards business activities taking SDGs into consideration.

Supports you can do

BHN aims to improve the living conditions and solve social issues by utilizing information and communication technology (ICT) to protect the safety and security of people in developing countries and disaster-stricken areas in Japan and overseas. For this reason, we need the kind support and cooperation of many people. BHN offers a wide range of people, of all ages and from all walks of life, the opportunity to contribute their enthusiasm, their strengths, and their accumulated experience in a variety of ways. BHN invites you to participate in BHN activities in a way that suits you.