Recent Project Situation After the Coup in Myanmar ―Getting Worse

2023.12.19 Tue 17:00



After our last report the state governments of Kayin(Karen) and Mon ordered us to suspend to proceed with our solar project until BHN could have a renewed NGO registration approved by the central government’s Registration Office.
Until that time our solar project was proceeding well , although with some delays due to the frequent skirmishes between the junta forces and the alliance of Ethnic Armed Organizations(EAO) + People Defense Forces(PDF), to just before the signing of construction agreement with the contractors for the work.
The procedure to obtain INGO registration was revised to very intricate procedures since last year and, although BHN is trying to comply with the new regulations, we are still struggling to obtain the capacity to be listed as INGO.


Whereas, the confrontation between the junta army and the alliance of EAO & PDF is ever becoming harsher and the bombing by the junta air force caused a huge outflow of refugees into the border area in Thailand.  Many camps were existing in the border area for refugees from Myanmar since tens of years ago but the population in these camps are further increasing.
To support these refugees in destitute in the border area BHN started to negotiate with the related organizations and authorities.  Initially, we are going to start with 3 camps(Mae La, Umpiem, Nu Po) where majority of the people are coming from the State of Kayin(Karen) of Myanmar.


Project Map


After discussing with village leaders of the camps we made a Plan as under.


Outline of our intended Plan :
(All the followings of the Plan also include installations of solar systems to support them.)

1. To install Community Addressing(CA) Systems into all the key locations to improve the in-camp diffusion of information.

2. To install computers and the peripherals into camp offices to improve the efficiency of the camp management.

3. To install computer systems into schools for computer education to the higher graded students to obtain computer literacy and enhance their chances of future job possibilities.

4. To employ younger generations and train them on the knowledge of electricity and let them practice the installation works on the above systems(on-the-job training) so as them to be able to have better employment possibility in the future.


Hearing from village leaders


BHN is expecting that the above Plan will be approved by Thai suthrity to start in the course of next March.