The solar power project (Phase 5) was completed

2023.1.12 Thu 14:27



The solar power project (Phase-5) that started in Dec.2020,with the expected term to finish by Nov. 2021, was finally completed by the end of Oc. 2022.
Lock-downs in China (where producing solar equipment), proliferation of Covid 19 in Myanmar & around the world, and, especially due to the Coup in Feb. 2021 that entailed frequent battles between Junta and people defense groups caused much delay in our work. After the Coup the battles were becoming more and more frequent in rural areas as many of the EAO (Ethnic Armed Organizations) groups are increasingly taking sides of the revolting people.
Two of the schools which BHN has installed computer systems for students to study how to use PCs were occupied by the Junta army soldiers and became inaccessible by our staffs.
We also had to change our planned villages to other ones as they became dangerous for access. With such hindrances, by extending the term by 11 months, we could complete the 5th project basically as planned.
Now, from the start of the new year, we could agree with the EAOs in Kayin (Karen) and Mon states to start next project. We proposed to EAOs to place priority to the public facilities in their villages.

(a) installation of computer systems with solar power into schools to enhance the computer literacy of the students.

(b) installation of solar power and computer systems into hospitals/clinics to enhance the serviceability to villagers.

In the state of Mon, with a strong demand from the EAO, we also plan to install home use systems.
However, various new regulations enforced by Junta are causing many tasks for all the INGOs active in Myanmar and our start of action may be delayed for a certain period.


Explanation to villagers


Explanation to villagers (2)


Monitoring after installation


Night work at home


Monitoring after installation (2)


Solar panel installed



Hirohumi Aizawa, Vice President (Project Manager)