Solar Power to Villages in Kayin &Mon States in Myanmar

2022.10.5 Wed 16:49



System explanations to villagers


As our current project period is going to end soon, let me summarize our project targets.

1.To install home use solar power systems of 4,572 in Kayin State and 2,018 in Mon State.

2.To install 9 computer training systems into 9 schools in Kayin Sate.

3.(Also powered by solar systems)

4.To train System Supporters selected from the targeted villages and deploy them as “Electricians” in their villages.

5.To follow-up and check the current situations of the solar systems installed in our past projects in 2016-2018 as well as the current one.


Under difficult situation with frequent skirmishes in the villages and local roads that prevent our trips to villages and works, our planned construction works were completed by early September.  Follow-up training to electricians (3) and monitoring works (4) are now underway.
As mentioned above frequent skirmishes in the countryside between Junta and PDF (People Defense Force) forced us to extend our project period until the end of Oct.
In future there may still have many difficulties in, for example, funds remittance, imports of equipment and, of course battles between opposition groups, we are starting to negotiations with the EAOs (Ethnic Armed Organizations) to form our next phase project.
Our idea is that we have already installed substantial number of solar systems in the village houses, we should rather concentrate our resources to improve Public Facilities like schools and clinics.


Computer teaching room at school


System maintenance training at school


Monitoring at home


Hiroshi Aizawa, Vice President (Project Manager)