Worsening Situation in Myanmar, New Project in Thailand:

2024.4.18 Thu 10:01

As referred to in our last report, the INGO registration procedure is not making any progress so far in Myanmar.
At the same moment, skirmishes and battles between Junta forces and the alliance of Ethnic Armed Organizations + People Defense Forces are ever becoming harsher in all over the border areas in Myanmar.
Although the Junta forces are gradually losing their major strongholds, construction works carrying track loaded equipment is still dangerous, and BHN’s works in Kayin(Karen) & Mon states are stranded and we have no prospect of when we can proceed with the project.
By the harsh battles and heavy bombings by the Junta forces, the flood of refugees to the border area in Thailand has substantially increased in the recent days and the necessity of our project in Thailand is ever growing.


In Thailand, the negotiations with the related organizations to support refugees in the camps has almost completed and the project implementation will start after the “Songkran”(new year water festival).
The original Plan of BHN(as shown under) was fully agreed among cooperative organizations.


(All the following Plans include solar generation equipment to support the systems)

1.To install Community Addressing Systems

2.To install computer systems into camp offices

3.To install computer systems into schools for computer education

4.To train younger generations on electricity to enhance their job chances


House in the camp


office in the camp


school class room(1)


school class room(2)


school entrance



Senior Adviser
Hirohumi AIZAWA