BHN and the SDGs

What are the Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs)?

The SDGs are globals shared by the international community of solving global problems by 2030.

The Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) are international gols for the period from 2016 to 2030 set forth in “The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”,which was adopted at a United Nations summit in September 2015 as the successor of the Millennium Development Goals formulated in 2001. Made up of 17 goals and 169 targets for achieving sustainable world,they inlude a vow to leave no one behind.With both developing.
Whith both developing countries and developed countries working on them,the SDGs are universal, and Japan also is proactively working on them.(From the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website)

●Reference web site
Sustainable Development Goals website


How do we contribute to the SDGs?

When we,BHN,implement our bussiness/activities contributing to the SDGs,we adopt a goal setting approach “Outside~ in~ approach”.That is,we set our goals by looking at what is needed from external sosietal or global need.Than we implement our bussiness/activities which is supposed to contribute to attaining the SDGs.
Taking into account the importance / urgency of societal or global need and the strength of BHN gained through its activities,we,BHN,define priorities to contribute to the SDGs.
BHN provides support to corporations which intend to contribute to the SDGs.For example,BHN guides them towards access to the appropriate imfomation and good models / examples.

BHN’s Activities from the viewpiont of SDGs.

You can grasp BHN’s activities in combination with SDGs Structure Tree.

【Intensive SDGs】
SDGs Goal 3:”Good Health and Well-Being”
SDGs Goal 4:”Quality Education”
SDGs Goal 11:”Sustainable Cities and Communities”

【Basic SDGs】
SDGs Goal 7:”Affordable and Clean energy”
SDGs Goal 9:”Industry,Innovation and Infrastructure”

【Process SDGs】
SDGs Goal 5:”Gender Equality”
SDGs Goal 8:”Decent work and Economic growth”
SDGs Goal 10:Reduced Inquqlities”
SDGs Goal 13:”Ckimate Action”
SDGs Goal 16:”Peace,Justice and Strong Institutions”

【Partnership SDGs】
SDGs Goal 17:”Partnerships for The goals”

【Investigating SDGs】
SDGs Goal 2:”Zero Hunger”
SDGs Goal 6:”Clean Water and Sanitation”
SDGs Goal 14:”Life below Water”

Assistance you can give

Various kinds of support make BHN’s work possible. We need your generous support to provide safety and security to people living in developing countries and disaster-stricken areas, and to build sustainable societies. The BHN Association uses the knowledge and skills of senior citizens in its work to contribute to international cooperation. By all means please participate in our work as a supporter of the BHN Association.