Organization Chart

Organization Chart

Organizational outlineBHN Association
AddressNTT Ueno Bldg. 5-24-11 Ueno, Taito-Ward,Tokyo, 100-0005, Japan
Telephone number+81-3-6803-2110
Fax number+81- 3-6803-2134
PresidentSadao MAKI
Vice Presidents
Hirohumi AIZAWA
Shinobu UMINO
Secretary-General Takeshi TOMINO
Kansai OfficeL-22 CANVAS Tani-machi 2nd Floor,2-2-2 Tanimachi,chuo Ward, Osaka City,Osaka 540-0012, Japan
Representative of Kansai Office /Executive Director Yoshihiko MORIMOTO

Message from the President

In September 2022, BHN Association will celebrate 30th anniversary. This long-term and significant contribution to the society was made possible by the strong support from our partners.
We sincerely express our heartfelt gratitude to Japan Government, NGO/NPOs, companies and individuals.

Our mission has been to utilize the Info-Communication Technology and to deliver the security and safety to the people in the developing countries as well as the regions hit by big disasters. We have accumulated the experience of improving the living environment and QOL of the affected people.

Once we were a little bit optimistic about the future of world economy, diminishing poverty because of the innovation such as internet and the positive side of globalization. Since the break of Covid-19, however, we have come to understand the severe effects of the pandemic, natural disasters caused by global warming, environmental pollution. In addition, it is also true that the income gap and the divide are becoming bigger even in the rich nations. Taking into consideration this reality and our mission, we have to shift to higher gear and our activities have to be more creative.

In the villages without electricity and tap water, a solar panel brings the light and joy to the remote villagers. The children studying a language under the LED light, we believe, will become a hope of the village and the nation.

It is needless to say we, BHN, will continue to be innovative and work harder. In order to fulfill our mission we wish to continue to collaborate closely with our stakeholders who have technology, knowhow, fund etc.
Your steadfast support and understanding will be much appreciated.


BHN Association

Assistance you can give

Various kinds of support make BHN’s work possible. We need your generous support to provide safety and security to people living in developing countries and disaster-stricken areas, and to build sustainable societies. The BHN Association uses the knowledge and skills of senior citizens in its work to contribute to international cooperation. By all means please participate in our work as a supporter of the BHN Association.