Human Resource Development

BHN Human Resource Development Program

This program is designed to offer advanced knowledge and job skills to promising Asian officers and engineers in the fields of ICT and telecommunications. It has annually been held since 1998 and more than 169 participants were invited. The first part of the program is given at Malaysia Multimedia University (MMU) in Malaysia and the second part in Japan.

APT Training Course

Entrusted by Asia – Pacific Telecommunity (APT), BHN has been engaged in human resource programs since 2011.
This annually held training course is designed to help APT member countries/territories foster the growth of ICT utilization in their countries.
Through the lectures given by professors/ICT experts and technical tours to companies/research centers, participants are expected to learn utilization of ICTs to meet the socio-economic challenges in their countries and in the region. Fifteen participants from eight countries attended the course in 2021.

BHN Kuwabara Donation-Supported Course

BHN Association, in collaboration with the University of Electro – Communications (UEC), Tokyo, established a course – “BHN Kuwabara Donation Supported Course” – in 2019.
This graduate course is funded with an endowment from Dr. M. Kuwabara, advisor to BHN and ex-vice president of NTT, and going to be held annually at UEC for five years, from 2019 to 2023.
This course is designed mainly for students from developing countries to deepen their understanding about SDGs and ICTs which facilitate their attaining the goals.
This donation supported course includes two courses titled “Information and Communications Technologies for SDGs” and “International Communication for Science and Technology” for full year – two semesters – . Students from overseas – 29 students from 10 countries – took this courses (ICT/SDGs) in the spring semester of 2021.
Students from UEC attended the class on campus and students from other universities under “Super Partnership Program for Graduate Schools”, e.g., Muroran Institute of Technology, Muroran, and Akita Prefectural University, Akita, also attended the class online.

Assistance you can give

Various kinds of support make BHN’s work possible. We need your generous support to provide safety and security to people living in developing countries and disaster-stricken areas, and to build sustainable societies. The BHN Association uses the knowledge and skills of senior citizens in its work to contribute to international cooperation. By all means please participate in our work as a supporter of the BHN Association.